Taiwan Trip June 3

June 3

 we started by planning to go to Jiufen but while walking to the MRT we changed our mind and went to Yehliu instead. From MRT we took local bus excursion which took us along the northern coast and took us almost 2 hours from our start. The sun shone in the morning but by the time we got there in the early afternoon it started to drizzle. The choice between getting a bit damp or getting the heat, we prefer the former but the pictures will not look good because we did not have the blue ocean and blue sky as background. Rock formation is interesting. The excursion took us until late afternoon. We did not have proper lunch, just one baked sweet potato, and one egg for me. It was a poor lunch because we saw lived crabs and lived sea shells of all sorts but I could not bear myself when thinking that by ordering a meal I am convicted those guys to death in front of my eyes. If I do not see it, that is another story. We went to another Eslite bookstore on Tunhua. This one is the main stores with sections and sections of books with spaces for all to sit (on the floor) and browse or seriously read books. We just realized that we were famished so we stop at their tea house to have afternoon tea with a tree of tea snacks that can be a meal in itself. It was a nice surrounding and a nice setting but the food is not that fascinating. In kids section we saw a father reading to his son, and many parents with kids. An educated society need books as foundation and orienting children to books is the first priority. We had dinner of sort at Shilin night market. The place was full of tourists. I was there in 2008, there was a big space in front of the stall that sold big flat fry chickens. The space is no more, but people still queues for the fry chickens. We went in line just for curiosity. The processing time was cut, for efficiency purpose, buy someone distributed the plastic bag to us beforehand while we were queueing. Once we arrived at the counter the chicken was put in our bag, we paid and off we went. It is as simple as that. The chicken has thick batter. It is not greasy. For one piece of 50 NT we had it for dinner together with oyster in batter, and had left over for breakfast together with our usual breakfast this morning June 4. The chicken still tasted good after one night. It is said that one should eat breakfast like a king. Like a king we did eat, certainly we do not eat like a queen.


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