Taiwan Trip

June 2

We went to eat Siao Long Pao of Din Tai Fong at Sogo deparment store for lunch. The line of customers are very long. Then we toured Muji shops both at Sogo and Uni President Hankyo. Eslite building is next door. O wow! every one was reading there. The store concept is shops within a bookstore. We can read any where and people were reading every where but we could not read because most books are in chinese. The book store opens 24 hrs. The shops on the book store floor are reading and writing related. There is i studio there, a shop of fountain pens and inks , a shop selling note pad and i phone covers of very good materials, etc. We can have tax refund here. And to our surprise, the cash refund is given back to us on the spot. We do not have to go in line to claim at the airport. How convenient!!!! I bought one book on drawing and traveling for you, a Paris book for me. We ate at Shida night market, shiftly market for teenagers and young people. We were probably the oldest ones around there.


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